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NYAMIRAMBO: AGRUNI praised for its role in preventing and fighting the coronavirus epidemic

The AGRUNI company, which collects and transports waste from households, was congratulated by the NYAMIRAMBO sector for its excellent cooperation in terms of health and safety in the prevention and control of coronavirus.

This Friday 03/06/2020, NYAMIRAMBO sector, NYARUGENGE district in Kigali city woke up with a clean-up operation, educating the public on how to prevent the coronavirus which is a global epidemic, the ceremony was launched by the construction of toilets on the MIDUHA market, followed by community discussions while recalling good hygiene techniques, in particular regular hand washing.

MUTUYIMANA GABRIEL, the executive secretary of NYAMIRAMBO thanked AGRUNI for being the first partner and underlined that even if until now there is no present case of the coronavirus in RWANDA, everything must be done to avoid this virus and especially everything that goes with hygiene.

ALEXIS, the deputy director of AGRUNI, told the media that they have a plan to cooperate with the state in all sectors where they work on cleanliness, he also added: “We cannot say how much this program will cost us, but as of today, we have already used more than two million Rwandan francs, whether in the construction of market toilets, or with the project of “kandagira Ukarabe” which is a program of building sinks in companies and elsewhere that are used to always wash hands.

The chief of AGRUNI went on to say that their plan is to make the city of Kigali cleaner, but that if necessary, they would also arrive in the rural areas. He said: “Kigali is not the only one in need of cleanliness, we are coming soon to rural areas” and added that cleanliness is more than removing garbage from houses and bring them back to NDUBA machinary.

One of the participants in the event, UWIMANA RATIFA, told that they were pleased that the government was considering tackling this epidemic and telling people how to prevent it.

Coronavirus is a global epidemic, first reported in China, and prevention efforts are underway worldwide.

Good hygiene techniques are always emphasized as prevention. The mortality rate is estimated at 3.4% of confirmed positive patients in the world and that is why it is always advisable not to panic over the epidemic but also not underestimating it.


Waste Management

Waste Management disposal is a highly-regulated sector with a minefield of procedures and legislation. At AGRUNI, we ensure that your requirements are dealt with in a safe and compliant manner which meet all legal requirements under the duty of care set out in the RWANDA ’s Environmental Protection Act.

We provide transparency of transactions and movements of hazardous waste, trace ability and ease of auditing via our client portal with unique log on credentials. AGRUNI  transport asbestos waste directly to landfill with our own purpose built roll-on roll-off containers, 20 or 35 cubic yard and open or enclosed skips depending on the waste and volume of waste.

Having our own fleet of hook- lift vehicles and trailers means we can offer a very efficient service to all customers with very competitive time frames. Audit trails and consignment notes are generated for each collection, making us fully compliant with all HSE requirements.

Operating nationwide, our project managers work with the client from cradle to grave to make the service as smooth and professional as possible. All our drivers are fully trained and meet all the requirements that are necessary and our vehicles are fitted with tracker systems which enables us to monitor and route our vehicles effectively.